18 mei 2021

Virtual Job Fair to kick start careers of young expats and students in The Netherlands

Young expats and students in The Netherlands who are looking to kick start their careers are in for a treat over the summer. That’s because this June 28th, Dutch job seeker platform Sollicitatiedokter will launch The Virtual Job Fair.


During this online event, foreign students in The Netherlands (with at least a bachelor’s degree) will be able to meet the 200 top employers in the country. Young professionals, we define them as people with a maximum of 5 years of work experience, are welcome as well. If they studied in The Netherlands before they started working, that is.

Given the international nature of the Dutch job market, many employers couldn’t care less about your background. As long as you’re good at what you do Dutch companies want to talk to you!


The Virtual Job Fair will make exploring your career in The Netherlands accessible like never before. The job fair’s platform allows you to freely roam the information stands area and the main stage – anonymously, if desired –, where the 200 best employers of The Netherlands will present themselves and teach masterclasses on a variety of topics.

Leaving a mark

Students wanting to make sure they’ll leave a mark, are invited to the job fair’s network space. Here, they won’t just be able to meet like-minded students, but they will also get the chance to chat to recruiters of almost all attending companies.

In addition, attendees will be able to schedule face-to-face meetings with recruiters from their favorite employers. Before these meetings, job seekers are asked to partake in an intensive assessment. Their assessment performance will determine whether or not they get invited to the face-to-face meeting they request.


Sollicitatiedokter CEO Marieke Wehner is thrilled about the prospect of hosting the event. “The Virtual Job Fair will be the first of its sort in The Netherlands. I couldn’t be more stoked to help young professionals find their future in this country. People from abroad are just as welcome to attend as people from Holland, as long as they currently live here.”

International students and young professionals that currently reside in The Netherlands can sing up to The Virtual Job Fair using this link.